Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dude At The Airport

This was so funny. I wasn't the only photographer...

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I went with my friend Jeff and his friend Rochelle to go see a Carolina Rollergirls double header last night. I was a little skeptical but, honestly, it was awesome and I quickly became a fan. Don't knock it till you try it!

Basically, there's two teams of five girls skating around a flat, oval track. Each team essentially has two positions: four "blockers" and one "jammer." There's actually three blockers, a "pivot" and a jammer, but I don't really know what a pivot does. Anyway, the goal is to get your jammer to the front of the pack, at which point, they can skate around and rack up points by crossing various lines. Eventually they'll get back into the pack and it starts over again. The blockers are trying to clear lanes for their jammers while, at the same time, trying to block the other team's jammer. Really, it sounds more complicated than it is.

We watched 2 games and each game consists of two, 30-minute halves. The first game was Carolina vs. Gotham Girls All-Stars (2008 National Champs). They were LEGIT. Gotham won and the score was something like 181-34. Then it was Carolina (same team, but different girls) vs. River City Rollergirls from Richmond, Virginia. That was a lot closer, but Carolina lost again, 81-76 (or something).

The skaters have cool names like Penelope Bruz, Trudy Struction, Eye Candy Stroy, Kama Suture, Scariett Tubman, Surly Temple, and Barbara Ambush.

I thought of a few names of my own: Slamma Montana, Ann Uerysm & if there were a republican rollergirl, she could be Sarah M. Palin.

Here's a video...