Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Last week, when I was at home, Jon, Jen & the girls came up to visit. As always, it was really great to see them. They always have such funny stories saved up, which is why I've been lobbying for them to start a family blog (any help in this effort would be greatly appreciated). They recently took a trip down to California for a family vacation to Disneyland and they also stopped off in Fairfield, Calif. to tour the Jelly Belly factory. They said it was really neat and told us about how it takes two weeks to make a jelly bean (probably why they're expensive ... which reminds me of the time in high school when all my buddies worked at Target and got us a ton of Jelly Belly tins after easter for a penny apiece. Good times!) and how any beans that are too big or too small aren't stamped with the name and are sold at the factories as "Belly Flops." They also brought us some "treats" from the factory—Jelly Belly's latest gross-out beans in a box called BeanBoozled. The idea behind the BeanBoozled boxes is that there are 10 different colors of beans in the box and each color can either be a good flavor or a wretched one. See for yourself...

So, right after breakfast, as we were all sitting around the table, I decided to crack the box open, sort them out by color and start playing Jelly Belly roulette. I almost threw up my pancakes. In my opinion, here are the flavors, from worst to "best": rotten egg, vomit, skunk spray, moldy cheese, booger, baby wipes, pencil shavings, ear wax, toothpaste & pepper.

Jon was man enough to try them too...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The story that won't die

Evening Magazine talked about our gnome prank for April Fool's Day yesterday...

Click here to watch!